New bid for funding to study routes of a A350 bypass around Westbury.

May 2014

Wiltshire Council persuades the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (SWLEP) to bid for a £2m study of route options for a bypass to carry the A350 round Westbury. The council hopes that the government will contribute £1m and the rest can be provided from council budgets.

The government’s recent ‘growth deal’ with the SWLEP included other schemes along Wiltshire’s ‘A350 Growth Corridor’ but there was no mention of a Westbury bypass study. That does not mean WC won’t get the money. It’s in the LEP’s wish list - See page 95 of the LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan at - and the council won’t rest until it gets a Westbury bypass on the map, even if there’s no money to build it. Yet.