WHA publish report: Wellhead Valley, Westbury - Landscape Character Assessment Report

5 July 2011

The WHA have published 'Wellhead Valley, Westbury - Landscape Character Assessment Report to the White Horse Alliance' by Alan James BA Msc MLI, June 2011.

The introduction explains its purpose: 'This report assesses the landscape between the town of Westbury and the western edge of Salisbury Plain. This landscape gives the town the main elements of its unique setting - the spectacular escarpment of the plain, guarded by the White Horse that provides the town’s emblem, and the calm seclusion and tranquillity of the Wellhead Valley. The report examines different ways in which the planning process can be used to protect a landscape that is an important environmental asset not just for Westbury but for the county as a whole.

Read/download the report (PDF) - please note that the report's front cover is omitted to reduce the file size
Read/download the report's Appendix 1 (PDF)
Read/download the report's references (PDF)